Publications and Presentations

Research in the EAL has contributed to numerous recent publications and presentations:

2024 Aiuvalasit, Michael J. Microscopy for archaeology: ISAS at the forefront of innovation. Presentation given at the PRI 2024 Lightning Symposium, Champaign, Illinois.

2024   Aiuvalasit, Michael J., and Ian A. Jorgeson. Combining Paleohydrology and Least-Cost Analyses to Assess the Vulnerabilities of Ancestral Pueblo Communities to Water Insecurity in the Jemez Mountains, New Mexico. American Antiquity 89(1): 58-77.

2023   Aiuvalasit, Michael J., B. Jacob Skousen, Brandon Ritchison, and Nicholas Bergerhouse Microstratigraphy for microhistories: Geoarchaeological insights from the F49 pit feature at the Noble-Wieting (11ML24) cultural site in Central Illinois. Poster presented at the Southeastern Archaeology Conference, Chattanooga, Tennessee.

2023   Aiuvalasit, Michael J. Archaeological problems across scales: from saving eroding ancient earthen mounds to computer-assisted analyses of micro-artifacts. PRI-Grainger College Collaboration Forum, Urbana, Illinois.

2023   Aiuvalasit, Michael J. The Environmental Archaeology Lab at Illinois State Archaeological Survey. Poster presented at the Annual Meeting of the Illinois Archaeological Survey. Carbondale, Illinois.

2023   Aiuvalasit, Michael J. Archaeology and prescribed fire: a new relationship with a long history. Poster presented at the Northeast-Midwest Prescribed Fire Science and Management Workshop, Madison, Wisconsin.

2023 Aiuvalasit, Michael J. Illinois History through the Microscope: applying new science to old questions in archaeology. Illinois Archaeology Lecture Series. Invited presentation given to Dickson Mound Museum, Lewistown, IL.

2023   Aiuvalasit, Michael J. and John M. Lambert. Working from the Ground Up: Identifying the vulnerabilities of cultural resources to climate change in the Midwest. Presentation to the online lecture series of the North American Heritage at Risk Working Group.

2023 Aiuvalasit, Michael J. The Environmental Archaeology of Ancient Illinois. Invited presentation given to the UI Extension Master Naturalist Program, online.

2022 Aiuvalasit, Michael J. The past and present futures of heritage in the Upper Mississippi River. Invited presentation given to the Upper Mississippi River Conference, hosted by River Action, Moline, IL.

2022 Aiuvalasit, Michael J. Identifying priorities for the management of cultural and heritage resources in the Illinois Coastal Area: Results of a participant survey, workshop proceedings, and a phased plan for enhancements. Report submitted to the IDNR Illinois Coastal Management Program.

2022 Aiuvalasit, Michael J. Report on geoarchaeological reconnaissance testing at 6 precontact archaeological sites (11K232, 11K234, 11K240, 11K242, 11K243, and 11K1150) at Nelson Lake, Dick Young Forest Preserve, Forest Preserve District of Kane County, Batavia, Illinois. Submitted to IL State Historic Preservation Office, Springfield, IL and the Forest Preserve District of Kane County, Geneva, IL.

2022 Aiuvalasit, Michael J. and B. Jacob Skousen. Microhistory from microstratigraphy? Geoarchaeological insights from the F49 pit feature at Noble-Wieting. Paper presented at the Midwest Archaeological Conference, La Crosse, WI.

2022 Aiuvalasit, Michael J. New Applications of Soil Micromorphology and microCT Scanning to Midwestern Archaeology. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Illinois Archaeological Survey, Springfield, IL.

2021 Aiuvalasit, Michael J. A little paradox on the prairie – if anthropogenic fire came to dominate fire regimes of the eastern tallgrass prairie Peninsula ecosystem when and how did it happen and how would we know? Paper presented at the Midwest Archaeological Conference, East Lansing, MI.

2021 Aiuvalasit, Michael J. Assessing the potential for anthropogenic influences on fire-climate anomalies in paleoecological records from the eastern tallgrass Prairie Peninsula, USA using simulated charcoal records. Paper presented at Geological Society of America Meeting, Portland, Oregon.

2021 Skousen, B. J., and M. Aiuvalasit. Questioning the Native American Population Rebound in the Horseshoe Lake Watershed from AD 1500 to AD 1700. American Antiquity 86(1): 199-202.

2020 Aiuvalasit, Michael J., and Michael Adler. Geoarchaeological re-investigation of the Pot Creek Canal (LA71190), Rancho del Taos, New Mexico. Poster presented at the Southwest Symposium, Phoenix, Arizona.

2020  Aiuvalasit, M., Riley, T., and J. Schuldenrein. Multi-proxy evidence for rapid and enduring prehistoric anthropogenic vegetation change during the Late Holocene from an oxbow of the Mississippi River, Wapanocca Bayou, Arkansas, USA. Geoarchaeology 35(3), 351-365.